Jessica Nyx Deepthroat Blowjob at Throated

You know what to expect from a site like Throated, and here we have a video of a Jessica Nyx deepthroat blowjob as you might imagine. Honestly I was a bit surprised to see her jump from regular hardcore sites to the more extreme end of the spectrum, but she made the leap with ease it seems.

Rough Hardcore Blowjob with Blonde Jessica Nyx Sucking a Mean Dick

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This scene was actually a bit tame I thought compared to some of the other offerings from Throated, but still fairly hardcore nonetheless. The purist would surely be a bit disappointed in the level of exreme I’d say though.

Jessica Nyx starts this blowjob off right, leaving in and letting him manhandle her by holding the back of her head, grasping at her medium length blonde hair. Then the camera moves into a POV style with Jessica looking up into the camera with her lusty blue eyes. They look almost grey to me actually, maybe greyish blue you could say.

Near the completion of this movie clip we see her rubbing her pussy a bit, and finally she takes a deep look into the camera and licks her fingers, showing off her tongue piercing, a blue stud.

Jessica Nyx Anal Fingering and Hard Sex

A Jessica Nyx anal fingering video with lots of hard sex included too. She wears her high heels for the entire video, never taking them off while they have sex. Incredibly tall stilletto high heels too, it must have been a bit scary for the guy to think about puncturing himself during their wild fuck scene.

Jssica Nyx Hard Sex Punishment After Being Caught on Cam Nude by Mom’s Boyfriend

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 Surprisingly this new blonde porn starlet Jessica Nyx hasn’t done an anal sex scene yet, and is likely saving her anal cherry for popping later. Probably won’t be long if she’s already letting guys stuff two fingers up her ass, anal fingering her while she’s getting fucked in her pussy. Don’t hold your breath for any full hardcore Jessica Nyx anal videos soon though I guess.

This guy fucks her in a multitude of hard sex positions, even picking her up and slamming her down on his cock at one point, her arms slung around his neck to hold on. Looks like she took a bit of a spanking too, as her ass is all red on her right ass cheek.

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Blonde Pornstar Jessica Nyx Sucking and Fucking

Here we have blonde pornstar Jessica Nyx first leaning over to give an average sized cock a sucking, then moving on to the fucking as she rides him on top. They’re on a fancy enough looking navy blue couch with a regal gold coloured print, kind of reminds me of French royalty. I can’t think of a better use for fine furniture myself, they’re putting it to great use. There’s a big painting on the wall too behind the couch. This could be the first day it’s exposed to an errant cumshot. Or… not? Maybe this painting is a total slut herself. Slutty paintings.

Alright that got weird for a second there. The site is called My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend, you have to expect a bit of weird.

So Jessica Nyx is fuckin this guy in the video. I can verify. He looks like a lucky young lad, and is supposedly fucking his Dad’s girlfriend. Lies! We know this chick Jessica Nyx is a full blown blonde pornstar. I’m not buying it. But you should be! Click the link, buy yourself some HD porn for a change. That is of course if fake familiar fucking affairs turn you on, you weirdo.

Gotta love the tramp stamp Jessica Nyx is rocking with a playboy bunny with handcuffs around one ear and one classy word underneath – Nympho. My kinda girl, this blonde pornstar Jessica Nyx.

Young Stud Fucking His Dad’s Girlfriend a Blonde Pornstar Jessica Nyx

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Jessica Nyx Blowjob on Home Made Sex Tape Video

Jessica Nyx caught her boyfriend sticking his dick into a soft rubber sex toy for men that’s shaped like a little pussy. Simply lube it up and it’ll give you that tight pussy sensation in the palm of your hand. While this may make sense to guys, Jessica wasn’t too pleased to be vying for her man’s sexual attention with a dirty little sex toy, and was likely a little bit jealous. With camera in hand, they went to work on their own homemade sex tape.

She teases him a bit about what he was doing, but then makes things right by offering herself up to him as an awesome replacement for a $10 fake rubber pussy.

Made to look like a home made sex tape, this Jessica Nyx blowjob scene is from the site I Know That Girl and is titled The Real Thing. She talks quite a bit in this scene, and it’s nice to hear her voice and how she speaks. A commenter at this blog said she’s originally from Oklahoma so maybe someone from around there can verify her accent.

Jessica Nyx Sex Tape with Fake Rubber Pussy Toy from Mofos

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Jessica Nyx Blowjob Video and New Haircut

A Jessica Nyx blowjob video where she unveils a new hair colour and haircut as well for mid 2012. I think all of her content up to this scene was as a bleached blonde. Not that there’s too much, only a handful of scenes so far. Now she has a sort of two tone brownish blonde shoulderlength haircut. It definitely makes her look a bit more mature but not older.

This clip begins with her looking at the cameraman or director while rubbing her clit with her panties pulled to one side. Her shirt is already hiked up above her tits, comfortably resting on a natural shelf.

Jessica Nyx flashes a smile, then gets ready as a pale skinned guy walks towards her with his dick at eye level. She scoots her butt forward and spends the rest of the video giving a blowjob, running her pierced tongue along the shaft of his dick as she blows him. She continues masturbating herself with one hand, and ocassionally he reaches down to cop a feel of her big boobs.

Jessica Nyx Super Spread Blowjob Video from Cum Fiesta

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Jessica Nyx Pussy Licked by Older Teacher

Jessica Nyx pussy licked by her older teacher in this schoolgirl scene from the aptly named Big Tits at School. She’s got her little tushy perched up on a student’s desk while her teacher gives her the pussy licking she’s been dreaming about all semester. She could hardly wait to wrap her hands around his sexy bald head and yearned for his dick. Every day she flirted with him, and finally all her hard horny work paid off.

This older teacher gave in to his carnal lustful desires and fucked one of his students, and will surely be shitcanned shortly hereafter. Jessica Nyx will be able to blackmail him to do anything she wants from now on. He doesn’t seem to mind much with her pussy in his mouth though, I guess he’ll take his chances.

Teen Jessica Nyx Pussy Licked and Fucked Hard by Teacher from Big Tits at School

Jessica Nyx Fucked Hard by Teacher in School at Big Tits in School

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Jessica Nyx Fucked Doggystyle in Christmas Party Orgy

Jessica Nyx fucked from behind is the first thing we see as this video opens. She’s on her knees on the couch, wearing a little santa hat that gets nearly thrown off when she whips her head to the side as she’s getting fucked.

Jingle Balls Christmas Orgy with Jessica Nyx Fucked plus Jenna Parks from Mofos

Jingle Balls Christmas Orgy with Jessica Nyx and Jenna Parks at Real Slut Party

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In fact I guess you could say this is Jessica Nyx fucked or rather balled at the Jingle Balls christmas orgy. Kinda nice when the work sponsored open bar Christmas party for the office staff turns into a full fledged orgy. The kind of thing that only happens when your co-workers are porn stars, or that’s what the porn director told you what the scene was going to be about today.

The other girl getting fucked across the room that we get brief glimpses of during this video clip is naked Jenna Sparks, with long dark hair and  a pretty nice ass now that I see her walk across the room and get a tongue stuffed into it. Jessica Nyx just stays on all fours getting fucked doggystyle from behind, but now that she has a chick in her face she kisses her too, and gets her nipples licked on by the dark haired slut she’s having a foursome orgy with.

Jessica Nyx Hardcore Sex from Big Tits in Sports

This Jessica Nyx hardcore sex scene was carefully planned, who knew a porno company would go to the trouble to actually put a skank on skates and do a full figure skating porn scene, complete with gay guy? In fact I think that’s the whole story behind this one, that her jealous boyfriend or skating partner doesn’t like the way she was talking to her agent, or the way he was leering and staring at her busty tits. He got mad, and she had to bring him out of his shell and fuck the gay out of him. At least she got him out of his horrible tight uniform, I don’t think I could have stomached him fucking this sexy blonde in that getup.

There’s a lot of USA pride elements here as well, with big flags in both the hockey arena where they’re skating and in the dressing room too. You can tell they filmed the porn in the actual dressing room of the indoor arena, because of the telltale rubber floors which are there for added comfort, safety and to protect the razor sharp edges on the hockey and figure skates that pass through.

Enjoy this figure skating reality porn scene called Figure Skank with plenty of raw hardcore sex from Big Tits in Sports.

Jessica Nyx on Skates

Jessica Nyx proves she can skate in addition to all the other sports and athletics she participates in, like running.

Jessica Nyx Cleavage

Jessica Nyx leans over to loosen her skates and take them off, her cleavage busting out of her one piece skate dance outfit.

Jessica Nyx Jealous Boyfriend

Jessica Nyx talks to her trainer or agent, with her jealous boyfriend looking on with astonishment and disgust on his face.

Jessica Nyx Busty

Jessica Nyx tries to get him to calm down, maybe breasts will help? She’s fully busty with D cup titties, and lures him in with them.

Jessica Nyx Sucking Cock

Looks like this ex gay figure skater has taken the bait, as his cock is firmly in the wet warm mouth of Jessica Nyx, giving him a blowjob.

Jessica Nyx Titty Fucking

Jessica Nyx looks up into her patner’s eyes as he slides his cock up and down between her breasts.

Jessica Nyx Hardcore Sex

Jessica Nyx opens her pussy with two fingers as she gets fucked in a hardcore sex scene on a leather bench.

Jessica Nyx Thigh Tattoo

Jessica Nyx bites her bottom lip as his hard dick rams into her wet pussy, and we get a great view of the leg tattoo on her thigh.

Jessica Nyx Fucked

Jessica Nyx rides her man as she gets stuffed with a cock, fucked hard from below.

Jessica Nyx Tits

Jessica Nyx tits look really nice from this angle, with a big pair of fake implants she rocks.

Jessica Nyx Titty Licking

An action porn shot of Jessica Nyx getting held and fucked at the same time, biting her lip and enjoying the feeling.

Jessica Nyx Cum Shot

Jessica Nyx wipes at her tits with her index finger, rubbing some of the cum shot she just got into her soft skin.

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Introduction to Jessica Nyx Bio of a New Pornstar

Jessica Nyx is fresh on the scene, a brand new face for the porn industry to get excited about. Kind of strange how she’s began her career as a fresh new pornstar too, appearing on three of the largest smut networks there are for her first 5 scenes. Way to hit the ground running!

This is my first new pornstar blog where the girl is so new, so it’s a bit of a challenge, like finding header graphics that look half decent. Wish they looked a bit better, but it is what it is.

The only information I could dig up for this Jessica Nyx bio was from an online interview she did, and from information I gleaned from reading her Twitter posts. For example she’s an athletic girl who claims to run at least 30 miles a week. What the fuck? Who does that?! Similar to another sexy pornstar I just wrote a model blog about named Aiden Ashley, who got into a sports related accident this last year and had to have some pretty serious surgeries. But enough about her!

Here’s what else I can tell you in this brief Jessica Nyx bio: She’s a college student. She does anal in her private life, but hasn’t done it yet on film. Her first scene was for RK on their site In The VIP, where she was the featured model getting fucked in a large room full of people. What a way to start your career! She’d probably only ever had sex before in complete privacy, and now she’s fucking on camera in front of 30+ people.. Wow.

Oh and she doesn’t live in LA yet, as it says she’ll be travelling there to work on her model agency profile page. Jessica Nyx is from Colorado, or at least that’s where she attends college, university or whatever kind of school she goes to. She studies some kind of exercise thing, fitting with her obvious devotion to fitness and her stunning physique.

Look forward to seeing many more scenes of this young blonde and her toned fit body soon!

Jessica Nyx

Age: 20
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs / 54kg
Measurements: 32D-24-37
Country: USA
Implants: Yes
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue


Jessica Nyx is a brand new pornstar that's only been around a few months now, so there's really not a lot to put into a bio of her. She's got a cute look, blonde hair and blue eyes, and has a bunch of tattoos. Her first scene was for In The VIP, and is a college girl at the moment. She's also athletic, runs 30 miles a week and is a skiier as well.


Jessie Nyx
Jessica Nix

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